Having not seen my therapist in many  months, it was a little bit strange to have two sessions in two weeks.

It took a lot out of me, emotionally. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been avoiding areas of my life, or memories.

I shy away from intense emotions, maybe because it makes me feel too much.

I love experiencing the therapy process. To me, the therapist is almost a narrator. Speaking the words my psyche is trying to broadcast.

Living in the moment can sometimes be difficult. Having to remember moments I’ve avoided is draining.

I think I am on a good path right now though. Some say: no pain, no gain. I’m learning to be uncomfortable. To sit with my emotions.

To look deeper. I am an archaeologist, digging through layers of dark, loamy earth and sediment and finding pieces of memories from childhood.

I am walking right into the fog of emotion I see in front of me. It’s cloudy, but the further I walk, the clearer I see.


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