4 a.m. stomach growling 
Restless sleep and haunting dreams 
Sleep to deny, sleep to forget 
Rub your eyes, sunshine 
Tapping fingers with golden rings
Feet twitch impatiently
Pull out the phone 
Curious eyes glance at the clock 
Is it time?
Minutes pass at a snails pace
Stomach crying 
Mouth stale with last nights slumber 
Chewing gum, washing mouth 
More minutes pass 
Peek at labels 
Wonder at everyone around you eating so freely 
Cry in frustration 
Finish reading the book
Wash the dishes
Organize papers, straighten shelves 
Sip on coffee 
Finally, it’s “time” and yet still, you at not satisfied 

This is a post to help illustrate how fraught with tension meals and eating can be. They don’t come naturally to most with an eating disorder. There is always the apprehension, the anxiety.
Food becomes more than fuel, or even a source of enjoyment or energy. 

Over a short period of time, I went from a “normal ” teenage girl who would compete against her brother to see how many pieces of pizza she could eat,(it was 7 by the way, and I won) to agonizing over the thought of eating even one bite of pizza.

In the process of working towards recovery, I have made strides toward calmer meal times. I no longer compulsively ask my husband what we are eating that day, I no longer have to know in advance what restaurant I might visit for dinner. Letting even those “small” things go has been so freeing.
It has been a struggle to know what is best when confronting a meal. In this age of always being busy, it’s so easy to rely on autopilot. Checking email, reading a magazine, listening to a podcast. All so called “distractions” but some days that is what it takes to get through a meal. Is this avoiding feelings? Running from thoughts? 
Personally, I think you need to know what feels best. I love reading, so why should I deprive myself the privilege of consuming words as well as nourishment? I do think there needs to be balance though. Find what works for you, and allow yourself enjoyment (I’m writing this for myself as much as for all of you).


2 thoughts on “Avoiding 

  1. Hi there!! I’ve struggled with an eating disorder of my own and I just wanted to say very nice read, I could totally relate reading your post. Keep your head up, and thank you so much for sharing. The road to recovery is a day to day thing but we all get there eventually!! 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment, I love hearing from readers! I hope my blog helps you in some way. Keep in touch and reach out if you need anything, or just want to talk!

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