Those are the rules

Reader, you are about to discover a side of me that few have seen. I’m pretty sure I can handle it. The question is: can you?  I’m going to reveal some tasty little tidbits of my manic mind to you. One, two, three…go!!

– I set certain tasks for myself to do before I eat. Such as: wash your face before your bedtime snack. Do some dishes before you eat dinner. Change your clothes before dessert. Finish one more chapter before eating another bite of your energy bar…these are just a few examples of my OCD tendencies. I don’t always play by the same rules, they usually change every day.

– I play this dumb game with myself too; if something good happens to me, then I barter with myself and allow a “treat”. For example: if gas is $2.59 you can have flavored ice cream instead of plain. If you don’t have coffee you can have soda. If you have a smaller snack you can have a hamburger later.

– I only allow myself soda at home after 6:00 PM. Anywhere else, doesn’t matter what time.

-I have the tendency to get anxious and start pulling at my hair. Yucky, I know. But it’s true.

-I used to make myself drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

– I used to sleep on my stomach because I thought it would help my belly stay flat. (This was when I was 13, ok?!)

-I love to read things while I eat. If it’s a good mail day and I get a newspaper and a magazine, I read one at lunch and one with dinner (paper with lunch, magazine at dinner).


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