The absence

I have written about hunger before (see That empty feeling) and how it can be an uncomfortable sensation, but also a feeling I have grown to find some sort of comfort in. It’s sad when you realize you crave something that is killing you. But another thing that happens to me (and others that are going through a similar scenario) is the absence of hunger, completely. No hunger pangs or deep cravings. The only thing that really pushing me to eat being the knowledge that caramel corn tastes so yummy, Sun Chips are delicious, I really should have that candy.

This feeling of false satisfaction can be frustrating, especially when I am at a point where I am trying to up my intake of food, not stay at a standstill. See, my brain wants me to believe I don’t need food in the first place, so when my natural instincts are absent, it can be extra hard to convince myself that I need to eat. My brain signals to my belly that I’m satisfied. an hour passes. Suddenly it is no longer “lunch time”. So should I have lunch? The answer, of course, is yes. My brain says “no, silly. You’re not even hungry!” I haven’t actually skipped a meal or snack in a long time (years ago I had the horrible habit of not eating any dinner on Mondays. I always worked late Mondays, so no one ever knew. You can imagine how crazy it made me when a holiday landed on a Monday and I was forced to eat three meals.) which is a majorly positive thing. It’s a constant battle. I know lots of people don’t understand. even if they want to. Um, to be honest? I don’t even understand, so don’t strain your brain too much. All I know is, whatever your struggle is, we all have to keep fighting. Even if it’s one step forward, two steps back .We’ll all get there someday. Wherever your “there” is.3d1b87e527ce4dc763e08ae0b5fc3f46


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