Deep freeze

I don’t have a whole lot to write about today. I suppose the biggest hurdle I was faced with was my ice cream being so rock hard that I had to leave it out on the counter for several minutes before I could scoop any out. That’s an ok problem to have in my book. Heck, I’m just happy my mental monsters are letting me eat ice cream. I can wait the couple extra minutes for it to thaw!

One serious problem I’ve been having recently (not just today) is my ability to fight off the blackness and lies. The first week I was being more mindful of my recovery and food intake weren’t easy, by any means. I still had little wars in my brain. They raged most of the day, from the minute I woke up, to the seconds before drifting off to sleep. Though the noise was muted, I could still hear the battle cries and clashing of metal on metal, as my common sense and logic fought against The Beast. Unfortunately, I have found that the noise is getting louder. These warriors seem to have no ceasing to their appetite for the quest of victory. I am trying my best to block out the noise and forge ahead, but my feet keep getting stuck in quicksand.

Sometimes talking about my problems helps to make them fade just a bit. What about you? What have you been getting caught up in recently? And lastly: what do you want to know about me? If you could ask me one question, what would it be?


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