Okay, I don’t usually voice my opinion about controversial matters. Not because I am afraid of the backlash I might get, or how people will view me. Nope, mostly it’s because I don’t have a solid opinion either way. I’d rather stay quiet about an issue I have not particular standing on than say something I’d regret later.

I stumbled across something recently that really stuck out at me though. I am in like with Pinterest. We have a really serious relationship. I make it a goal to browse around at least once a week, and catch up on what I have been missing. If I see something in a store that I like, but don’t need (this is pretty much everything, another problem I have) I make a mental note to pin it later. Let me go on a little bit of a rabbit trail here…back when my anxiety was ruler over my life, I would feel anxiety over all kinds of things. Stuff ranging all the way from the fact that I just ate a whole candy bar, to what I would eat for dinner, to wanting to have a button so I could “pin” this item I saw at Target before I forgot what it was. See, for me, Pinning is almost like owning something. If I see something that appeals to my designers eye, I pin it, simply to make me feel a sense of ownership. After I do this, I no longer feel like I want it so much.

Okay, back to my original thought…I was looking at some board or other on Pinterest and saw this:916a4e256d1a0bebbddefd3d05ddb0db

and it made sense to me. Most of these little issues in culture, I just brush off, because they don’t apply to my life, or they seem tiny and inconsequential. In the case of this quote (or statement, I suppose) I felt like someone really “got” it. And I’m so happy they included  not only girls with curves, but also tall, skinny ones. This is not to say that I am endorsing anorexia. No, no, no. Far from it. That’d be like saying I think cancer is a choice. Being skinny isn’t just an issue people with eating disorders face. Before, when I was “normal” I was tall and skinny. People wouldn’t make as many comments as they do to me now, but they still made them. The line between healthy and unhealthy, whether it is because you are underweight or overweight, is fine. It doesn’t always have anything to do with a conscious decision. Sometimes it’s so easy to look at a body and assume they choose to be that way. The brain that lives inside that husk? It wants to be fat. It wants to be skinny. It wants curves. It wants stick thin lines. I don’t think so. We’re all human. We all have our own decisions to make, our own hurdles to jump, our own mistakes to mull over. No one is perfect. No one. I think, especially for women, it’s hard enough to look in the mirror every morning and love what you see. So why does the media, and culture feel like it’s ok to make us question ourselves and our bodies even more?

Just some food for thought.


One thought on “Diversion

  1. I agree! And yet, I cringe because I have posted things on my own facebook like “men like a woman with a little meat on her bones.” I did it because I was thinking about myself, and didn’t even think how it would hurt several of my own skinny friends. I immediately regretted it when one of my friends commented beneath it.

    The media seems to only portray thin women, though, which I think makes anyone else a bit defensive. I was shocked when Sports Illustrated was proud that they put a “plus sized model” on the cover, when I found out that the model was a size 12. When did that become plus sized?

    As a teen I was quite skinny…no curves to speak of. I ate like a pig, but at 5’7″ and probably 115lbs. at most I was questioned by a few, “Do you ever eat?!” It was rude, and awkward. I ate like a pig…but I was just someone growing into my body which had a little catching up to do.

    This is food for thought though. God made so many different body types and ALL are beautiful. Whether it is the color of someone’s skin, hair, or eyes or the shape of their body…we should see the beauty that God created.

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