What time is it?

Okay guys…I’m gonna bare my soul just a little bit more than usual here…some people may know this about me, others may not, either way, you’ll all know it now. I eat on a time schedule. And not in a good way. On the one hand, it might be beneficial to me, simply because when an anorexic is making steps towards recovery, it is good to be fueling up throughout the day. My body already is under the impression that I am starving it, if I go too long without food, it’s just going to freak my system out more. So eating every hour or two is a good thing. A not so good thing? Being so strict about eating times that even if I am hungry, I have to wait until my next eating time slot. So, I am trying to work on that. I’m trying to listen to my body, instead of ignoring it like I have for so many years. It’s hard, because fr so long, I have ignored my hunger. I have trained myself to wait hours between meals, wake up and not have “breakfast” until the clock says 2:00…all kinds of silly things. The fact that I am adding to my food intake is helping this predicament go away, because in order to eat everything I need, I must eat at much more regular times so as to fit all the food into my day. It’s a struggle, but compared to what the big picture looks like, it’s just a small drip of paint on the canvas. Just one more thing that I have taken way too far. One more habit to break.b8643a98b92a2ab108fda2295ece85ee


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