People watching

I’ve always loved observing people. How they act, react, walk, talk…it is fascinating to me. I can only imagine the people who catch me watching them so closely, wondering why that nerdy girl  with the glasses finds their face so interesting. I make up stories in my head about what they are thinking, or who they are.

Something that is also intriguing to me is how people find routines in their daily life. I see people come into the library and find myself imagining their lives when they aren’t out and about. Does that lady have a job? She sure reads alot. Gosh, I can’t wait until I’m retired so I can read as much…oh, wait, I already read that much. Is that pathetic? What would I do without books? Why doesn’t everyone read? Ugh, how can that lady check out that many movies? When will she find time to read? Or cook for her family? Oh, well…I guess I don’t really do much besides work and read, so who am I to talk?  It’s fun, and keeps my job interesting.

I’m sure other people do the same thing. And all I can do is imagine what the heck they are thinking about me.


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