Today was a good day, for several reasons. One: I went to work and was in a good mood already…and then several amusing people came in and just seeing them made my day, in the weirdest way. My mom and little brother also stopped by. The library here is getting prepped for our summer reading kick-off tomorrow, and I has lots of things to get ready, so that made the day fly past. I ate what I had told myself I would, including a Subway sandwich, which was delicious. I “dropped” a book ( and I hope someone amazing finds it.  I got to recommend a whole pile of books to a very thankful lady (I basically live for this). I’m feeling content…but maybe too content. I need to push myself, which I kind of did the other night, when I had my sister over to watch Fight Club…(this was a step forward for me, because usually I spend my nights eating “comfort” foods and reading copious amounts of books) but I need to push harder. I just have to find a way to trick my brain into thinking that the challenge is exciting and healthy, not frightening.

Wish me luck.5c4eb85aa72bdd016c1453b9221f1e7d


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