Why does she do it?

Why does anyone do anything? Because they want to? Because they can? Because they feel compelled to? Maybe if we do something that seems insane, we really are insane for a brief moment in time. Maybe we are possessed by something other than ourselves for just a millisecond, and that is enough time for everything to shift just a little bit, until bigger cracks start to form in our foundation. I didn’t try to become who I am today, it just happened. I’m sure you can relate? You might have made some effort here and there, maybe you went to college to become something, and now you are that. Maybe you tried so hard, and finally your work is paying off. Or, maybe you hardly tried at all, and all of the pieces just kind of fell into place. The bad things that happen to us, is blame really needed for them? Weren’t they going to happen anyway? Maybe, maybe not. I believe things happen for a reason (or I think I do), but I don’t believe that those reasons need to be, or are, always visible to us. The good things…we like to take credit for, don’t we? I’d much rather brag about the marathon I ran because I am soooo strong rather than how much hard work it was for me to recover from a self-inflicted injury. I’m not in denial…I did something, but I don’t have a reason as to why I did it, or why I am still tempted to continue on that crooked path.3a2a7f9d21e4203d141233f335ce65e6


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