How do you feel?

1db7fdca530d2aca3ab5d197235c4064So, today I am planning on traveling a little further than yesterday. I took about 140 baby steps yesterday. It wasn’t really that painful. Today I am taking a combined total of 350 small steps. You know what? These little boosts are making me feel better already. I’m not so tired, and I feel like I have more energy. At first I was so afraid to give up my times that I have planned meals and snacks throughout the day. But guys, having breakfast at 2:00 in the afternoon? That’s not fun. At all. Trust me on this one. Spreading out what I eat is really helping me feel like I am not so sluggish, and I think my belly is already thanking me for it. Plus, I like food. It’s yummy delicious! I just have a hard time eating and feeling ok about it. But you know what? That is part of this journey, and I know I’m gonna have a hard time some days. But I can overcome that fear. I have to. It’s what I have to do. That’s how I feel.


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