The person I long to be

I crave:

·Reading books at coffee shops
·Writing notes
·Sleeping alone
·Reading. Reading. Reading
·Junk food
·Shopping. Window shopping. Any kind of shopping


You thought it was all you ever wanted

I’ve always thought happiness was complicated. Like you have to have the perfect job, the best house, a loving family. But then I sat alone in a fast food restaurant. I sipped my soda and ate my burger and fries, and I realized…THIS, for me? This is happiness. This thing that so many people do every day, this mundane thing…makes me happy. I might go home and find a pile of laundry waiting to be folded. My husband might be in a horrible mood and we might not talk much about our days. I might go to bed feeling less than happy. But. For those moments? I felt it. Pure happiness.